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 NEC Releases Official June 4 Election Results

The country’s election authority released its official results for the June 4 commune elections on schedule on Sunday, calling 1,156 out of a total 1,646 communes for the CPP, which also won 6,503 of the 11,572 council seats up for grabs. The CNRP picked up 489 communes along with 5,007 commune seats, according to the [...]

 Big Spending Behind CPP Campaign, NGO Estimate Shows

The ruling party spent more than four times as much per commune as the opposition during the campaign period for the June 4 commune elections, according to a rough estimate released by the Committee for Free and Fair Elections (Comfrel) on Saturday. The estimates, which were presented at a news conference for an election-NGO consortium [...]

 1,000 Kg of Cocaine En Route to Cambodia Seized in China

Chinese customs officers in Shanghai seized a huge haul of more than 1,000 kg of cocaine from South America that was en route to Cambodia late last year, according to a Cambodian anti-drug officer. In Song, administration bureau chief at the Interior Ministry’s anti-drug department, said the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) tipped off both [...]

 Cham Muslims Celebrate End of Ramadan Fasting Month

For 31-year-old Saffir Prak, one of Cambodia’s ethnic Cham Muslims, on Sunday marked the end of one month of training in patience and gratefulness. “When we’re hungry we know how the poor feel, so we have to thank God for our happiness,” Mr. Prak said outside Al-Serkal Mosque in Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood on [...]

 11-Year-Old Loses Hand to UXO in Battambang

An 11-year-old boy lost a hand and took shrapnel to the face from an old rocket head he found in a field and tossed against a tree stump in Battambang province on Saturday. “The land had been plowed and the rocket head appeared. The boy picked it up and threw it against the tree stump [...]