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 PM Makes Move to End Future TalksWith CNRP

Prime Minister Hun Sen announced through a government mouthpiece on Monday that he intends to rewrite the National Assembly’s internal rules so that there will be no mechanism to hold formal political discussions with the opposition party. The move to alter Article 48 of the Assembly’s internal rules, which the parties originally agreed to during [...]

 Cambodia Cancels Exercise With US Military

Weeks after holding its largest-ever joint military exercises with China, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government has canceled Cambodia’s routine joint military exercises with the U.S. for the next two years, officials confirmed on Monday. “The United States has received a formal communication from the Royal Government of Cambodia postponing joint military training exercises in 2017 [...]

 Singapore’s Government Breaks Months of Silence Over Sand Scandal

Breaking months of silence over accusations that it imported tens of millions of tons of smuggled sand, Singapore’s government on Monday distanced itself from any wrongdoing, a response an environmental NGO leader deemed “full of lies” and “devoid of any meaning.” The city-state recorded about 70 million more tons of sand arriving from Cambodia than [...]

 China Dam Construction Is Putting Pressure on Mekong River

A cascade of six dams being built in southern China has caused significant changes to water levels in the Mekong River as far downstream as Cambodia, according to a study released by researchers from Finland and Laos. The study—by Timo Ras- anen of Finland’s Aalto University and Paradis Someth, a water researcher affiliated with the [...]

 Remembering Ancestral Past Provides Path to Uneasy Reconciliation

In 1991, Cambodian factions that had fought each other for decades signed the Paris Peace Agreements to end their conflict. But peace would not truly return until the last Khmer Rouge forces surrendered in December 1998. How did ordinary Cambodians handle the unease of the 1990s, especially in villages where political allegiances had left deep [...]