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 Adhoc 5 Selected As Finalists for International Rights Award

The Adhoc 5 have been collectively selected as a finalist for the Martin Ennals Award, an annual prize for human rights activists also known as the Nobel Prize for human rights. The award is given to human rights defenders who have “shown deep commitment and face great personal risk,” according to the award’s website. Michael [...]

 Video From Hun Sen’s Office Warns of War Similar to Syria

CNRP rule would send Cambodia into a spiral of war and ruin similar to what has happened in Syria, according to a video released on Wednesday by the Council of Ministers and refuted by the opposition. “The Regrets of the Leaders of Color Revolution Movement” compares the 2011 uprising and later fighting against Syrian autocrat [...]

 ‘I Am the Five’ Photograph Exhibition Honors Jailed Activists

Each photograph makes a statement, showing personal solidarity with the Adhoc 5. There are 365 in all: one photo for each day the activists have spent in jail. The unique work was created by Miguel Jeronimo, a freelance photographer based in Phnom Penh who closely followed the case of the jailed rights workers and an [...]

 Appeal of Insurrection Case Delayed After Plaintiffs Skip Hearing

The Court of Appeal on Wednesday delayed a hearing for 11 defendants—government critics and former opposition CNRP members—seeking to nullify their 2015 convictions for insurrection after the case’s 41 plaintiffs failed to turn up. The defendants were found guilty for their involvement in a July 2014 protest at Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park that turned violent. [...]

 Assistant at Gov’t Investment Body Charged With Graft Posts Bail

An assistant at the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) charged with graft over the weekend has been released on bail to receive medical treatment, prison and court officials said on Wednesday. Chhim Pesith was arrested a week ago and charged on Saturday with misappropriation of public funds for allegedly demanding money to process [...]